Greg Bomke performing with Roger Lee Dance Company!

By Jamie Dingus on 04/20/2016 10:21 AM

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The award-winning Roger Lee Dance Company is back for its 8th concert series in its hometown of Philadelphia, PA. This time around, the company explores the highs and lows of Hollywood through the lens of dance. 

The shows feature new choreography by company founder and artistic director Roger Lee. He is joined on stage by his company dancers Jasmine Newsome, Camille Moten, Greg Lennox, Jasmine Zook, Jesus Cruz, and Emilee Carey and guest vocalist Talitia Murchsion. The shows also feature new works by guest choreographers Tori Simpson (Flo Motion Dance Company), David Suarez, and Vincent Corbin.

Roger Lee Dance Hollywood runs Friday, May 6, 2016 at 8 pm and Saturday, May 7, 2016 at 8 pm at The Performance Garage, 1515 Brandywine Street, Philadelphia, PA 19130. Tickets are on sale now for $20 at and $25 at the door. For media inquiries, please contact Roger Lee at 215-833-6961 or .



Congratulations to CDC Alumna Sarah Gambardella!

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Ms. Seibert with 2 former CDC students:  Eliza (Quigley) McAfee (2006) and Sarah (Quigley) Gambardella (2001) and their mom Kim Quigley, at Sarah’s baby shower April 17, 2016.  This is the 3rd of Ms. Seibert’s original Seibert Dancers of Cheshire Dance Centre to have a baby!  Last November, Sarah (Fleet) Gogas had a baby girl.  The two Sarah’s both graduated from CDC in 2001!


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Ms. Amanda Green, our tap examiner, called to say her flight to CT this afternoon was cancelled!  She was in Spokane WA waiting for a flight to Minneapolis before connecting to Hartford, when she was notified by the airline of the cancellation.  At first she thought she would be able to get on another flight tonight (Friday) very late, but over the course of several phone calls back and forth, the best they could do for her was to get her to Minneapolis tonight, and to Hartford tomorrow afternoon!

 Therefore, we have had to do the “Timetable Quick Step, Shuffle Ball Change”!  We did our best to make as few changes as possible, but of course this meant that some will now have to go on Monday. 

 We, as well as Ms. Green, apologize for this unforeseen situation.  All 56 students have worked hard preparing for this event, and are all so eager to be seen!  We know that this will be an inconvenience for some of you, but we do hope you can find a way to make it work!

Saturday, March 19

3:30        Grade 2                Bauco, DelGrego, Richard, Bradley

4:10        Grade 2                Monroe, Capuano, Raposa, Buczek

5:05        Grade 3                Fielding, Popowycz

5:40        Grade 3                Behuniak, Krutz, Wojenski

Sunday, March 20

9:00        Grade 4                Acton, Curran, Goerg

9:50        Grade 4                Molnar, McNulty, Turner, Muñoz

10:55     Grade 4                Spearman, Pulisciano, Murasso, Valentin

11:45     Grade 5                Kozak, Purpora, Purslow, Sarojak

1:40        Grade 6                Caldarella, Purpora

2:30        Pre-Primary       Wirtz, Bouteiller, Capobianco

3:00        Primary                Curran, Ma, Faynberg, Hodgdon

3:50        Primary                Blair, Holt, Brin, Tippner

4:25        Grade 1                Tippner, Goodman, Lanz, Tippner

5:00        Grade 1                Cortigiano, Monroe, Post, Wilson

Monday, March 21

2:30        Adv 1                     Caldarella

3:25        Adv 2                     Hall, Thompson

4:20        Adv 2                     Guarnieri, Korman, Mulligan

 Please call the studio immediately if you are unable to attend at the newly scheduled time, 203.699.8888.  We know you can see what an arduous task it is to rearrange a schedule for this many people. Thank you for your cooperation, patience, and understanding for this unique, yet stressful, turn of events. 

Cecchetti Mock Exam Schedule Change

By Jamie Dingus on 03/16/2016 04:40 PM

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The dates for the Cecchetti mock exams, previously scheduled for Friday, April 22, and, Monday, April 25, have been rescheduled, in order so children do not need to miss time from two weeks in a row.

The mock exams will now be held Saturday, April 9, for exams on Friday, April 29.

The mock exams will now be held Sunday, April 10, for exams on Monday, May 2.

Both of these rehearsals will follow the same timetables as the real exams. 

We understand these dates might not work for everyone due to the scheduled Spring Break, but it is the best alternative that we have available. We apologize for any inconvenience, and appreciate your understanding, as our exam program grows, so do the number of days of exams! 

The mock exams are also "dress rehearsals" so please be sure your child has the required examination uniform.

February Break

By Jamie Dingus on 02/13/2016 09:28 AM

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The studio will be closed Monday, February 15 through Saturday, February 20. Classes will resume Monday, February 22. We hope your February break is sparkling!

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