Welcome to the new CheshireDanceCentre.com!

By Greg Bomke on 01/07/2011 04:02 PM

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Did you notice some changes? We've launched a new website for the new year, with a brand new design and lots of updated information. Take a look around and let us know what you think!

Current students and parents, you'll find an online copy of the weekly class Schedule under the Classes menu in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. There are also several new pages under the Resources menu, including the studio Calendar, a News page, CDC on the Web (check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube!), and the Gallery.

Visitors interested in learning more about our studio can find information about the styles and methods of dance we offer on the Curriculum page, under the Classes menu.  The About menu will give you an overview of Cheshire Dance Centre, including our Faculty, Policies, and the Seibert Dancers performing group.  If you have any questions, please refer to the Contact menu for details.  If you're ready to enroll, you can take the next step right here by submitting the Registration Form!

Finally, please keep an eye on the home page.  We'll always post the most recent news and upcoming events on the front page to help keep you informed.  Thanks for visiting!

P.S. Don't forget to change your bookmarks! The address of this site has been corrected to CheshireDanceCentre.com.

Christopher Tierney's Spider-Man Accident

By Betty Seibert on 12/30/2010 02:17 PM

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Christoper Tierney (center) with Ms. Seibert and her husband at Bellevue Hospital in ManhattanOn Tuesday, December 28, one week and one day after his stupendous, news-making fall during a preview performance of Spider-Man, my husband and I visited my former student, Chris Tierney, at Bellevue.  To our delight, Chris was dressed and standing - awaiting the wheelchair that would take him to the ambulance that would transfer him from ICU at Bellevue to Rusk Rehab at NYU - a few blocks "down the road a piece"!

Always the daredevil as the kid who came to live with us for 2 years during 8 weeks of SummerDance in the Berkshires, Christopher is still that energetic, enthusiastic, and enigmatic person we all came to know and love. Chris came down from Plattsburgh, NY to study with me in the summer for two of his Cecchetti grade exams, was our Nutcracker Prince partnering Sarah Fleet in 1999, and performed at my "Seibert Fest" recital in 2000.  Since then, Chris has performed with Hubbard Street Dance, was in the touring company of "Movin' Out", and performed in "Dirty Dancing" in Toronto.  Plus, you can see him dancing in the movie "Across the Universe".

Chris Tierney in costume as Spider-ManChristopher has been rehearsing the Spider-Man musical for two years, being the main stunt double for Spider-Man and 2 other characters.  This show marks Chris's Broadway debut!  During the show Monday night, Christopher was high atop a building ready to leap after Mary Jane.  When he made that move to leap, the rigging was not tethered to the floor, and Chris keep going - downward - past the stage floor and on down to the lowered pit, falling some 30 feet.  His dancer self kicked in and he managed to twist himself around to land on his side instead of his head!  Chris opened his eyes to a crowd of tech and dancer personnel crowded around him, and ever the performer he said "I'll be all right, just let me walk this off!"  Of course, no one let him do that, and he was rushed to Bellevue still in his costume.

Suffering from a concussion, cracked elbow and scapula, 3 cracked ribs and vertebrae, plus internal bleeding - the trauma team at Bellevue worked their magic without having to fuse any of the vertebrae together so that Chris may return to as much mobility as possible.  The invisible pins and rods in his spine were covered by the only visible sign that an accident had occurred at all - a brace surrounding his ribs covered in Spider-Man images made specially for Chris by the tech at the hospital!  (Chris took it off for the photo, taken by his dad, Tim!)

I am so grateful to everyone's quick attention to this wonderful young man, who still has not one bad word to say about what happened to him December 20th other than "accidents happen"!  That kind of positive attitude will go a long way in making Chris's rehab go faster!

Stay tuned for when Chris returns to the show, as I'm sure it will be a sold out house!

Tip for the day - learn how to fall, and more importantly, get back up!

Cheers to a Happy New Year!

Ms. Seibert

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